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The POCAL Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) Center is going to deal with the increased need for specialists educated in advanced materials as well as in new technologies.

It comes with solutions for current regional challenges that hamper the way toward sustainable development based on existing and recognized competences.

It has basically two components that will be initiated with the support from POCAL project: implementation and education. The implementation will be opened to companies needing a seed to develop new products and the education will provide the knowledge support for people looking to develop skills in the field of advanced functional materials.

The branches of the Center is opened in each partner´s location (MMI Bor and UPT Timisoara) and will be served on-line and whenever possible by persons working in the project who will assist people on both sides of the border.

The ToK Center of POCAL will be actively involved in offering consultancy activities and information to companies potentially interested in innovation in the field of smart materials. Dissemination materials, invitation to scientific events joint design and manufacturing technologies will be developed in order to increase the overall competitiveness of the economy of the border area.

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