Projekat SENMHP

Lead Partner:

Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (MMI), Serbia


Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VDCCI), Bulgaria

Priority axis:

2. Enhancing capacity for joint planning, problem solving and development

Area of intervention:

2.2. Sustainable development through efficient utilization of regional resources

Total budget:

138.622,20 €

Project Objectives:

Selenium is an essential natural microelement for the human health protection. Also, it have anti-oxidative properties besides protective properties in terms of people exposure to toxic and other harmful agents such as heavy metals, UV and ionizing radiation, smog, tobacco smoke. The presence of two extremely dangerous pollutants, the Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy, near Vidin and Mining-Metallurgical Complex for processing of copper bearing ores in Bor, presents a constant threat to human health. The aim of the Project “SENMHP” is the establishment of cooperation in these districts, joint research, collection of data and information about selenium content in agricultural land and grains that converted selenium into usable forms for a man with a direct influence on protection of his health. Territorial cohesion will be realized through different forms of co-operation with common interest aimed to an analysis of available agricultural resources in both regions. After land and grains sampling, a development of electronic maps of both regions and chemical analysis of selenium content in samples will be followed. All activities are aimed at increasing the capacity of the joint use of scientific-expert potential and natural resources with the ultimate goal of existing natural resources protection.

Project Activities:

Project Management; Promotional activities; Tender procedure

Working meetings, Progress meetings and Conferences; Preparing Project report on available of agricultural resources in target regions and Project report on diseases and the most common causes of mortality in  target  districts; Sampling, preliminary preparation of samples and samples transport and making the electronic map of both districts; Preparation of sample for analysis, chemical analysis of lands and grain and pH value measuring of land sample; Making the final project report

Project Results:

A joint scientific-expert team was formed that implemented the Project, established the territorial cohesion, formed the electronic map and database on selenium content (very important natural micro element  for the people health) in arable lands and grains in the border areas in the frame of  Bor – Vidin region. The project was promoted, and target groups were informed through flyers, brochures, local and regional media, project reports, web site.

Target Groups:

Local municipalities in the Bor and Vidin districts.

Population of both districts.