The most important reference of the Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor

The Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor for more than half  a century of existence and work has brought together the quality and reliability in the scientific research work, designing, engineering and consulting, experimental and special production, testing of materials, equipment, devices of industrial facilities, research-development and other services, quality control of products, materials and production processes, quality control of living and working environment, presence on domestic and foreign markets, in the fields of metallurgy, mining, geology, chemical control, informatics, industrial informatics, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil construction, architecture and publishing.
During its previous extensive work, the Institute has gained the positive references for implementation the investment projects in the fields of mining and metallurgy of copper and precious metals, non-metals and coal in the following foreign countries: India, Burma, Iran, Sierra Leone, Armenia, Turkey, Zambia, Pakistan,  Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The most important facilities which the Institute built abroad are: Copper Electrolysis "KETRY", India; Copper Smelter "KETRY", India; Gold Mine, Flotation Plant and Smelter "KYAUKPAHTOE", Burma; Diamond Mine "KOIDU", Sierra Leone, Africa; Plant for Anode Slime Treatment "YEREVAN" Armenia; Plant for Anode Slime Treatment "SARKUYSAN", Turkey; Copper Mine and Flotation Plant “BUČIM“ Radoviš, Macedonia; Copper Mine, Flotation Plant and Tank House "SAR CHESMEH", Iran; Copper Mine and Flotation Plant "MONYWA", Burma; Copper Mine, Flotation Plant and Smelter "SAINDAK", Pakistan; Anode Slime Treatment Plant, Zambia; Ferronickel Mine and Flotation Plant "FENI", Kavadarci, Macedonia; Construction of the Copper Smelter and Refinery from brass scrap, Iraq.


Latest References:

  • Cu  Mine Konyrat – Kazakhmys, Kazakhstan, 2011 – Pre-Feasibility Study of the Mine Reopening
  • Cu Mine VELIKI KRIVELJ, Serbia, 2010 - GMP for capacity of 10,600,000 t/year
  • Cu-U-Co Mine CHIPUPUSHI, Zambia, 2009 – Geological Potentiality of the Deposit
  • Alluvial Deposit of Diamonds LOFA River, Lyberia, 2009 - Feasibility Study on Diamond and Gold Exploitation
  • Cu-Zn-Pb-Au in Serbia  (Mindeco – MITSUI, Japan), 2008 - Master Plan of Mining and Metallurgy Industry in Serbia
  • Cu-Co Mine KILEMBE, Uganda, 2008  - Feasibility Study of the Mine Reopening
  • Cu Mine LIMNI, Cyprus, 2008 - Tender for the Open Pit Rehabilitation
  • BioMine - FP6 E.C. ΙNCO-CT-2003-500329, 2006-2009 -R&D Project (Development of Technologies for Copper Bioleaching)
  • INTREAT - FP6 E.C. ΙNCO-CT-2003-509167, 2005-2008 -R&D Project (Development of Technologies for  Water Treatment in Metal Mines)
  • Cu-Au-Ag Recovery from Smelter Slag, RTB Bor, Serbia, 2007 - GMP; Capacity 1,200,000 t/g
  • Pb-Zn Mining and Processing ČOKA MARIN, Serbia, 2007 - GMP; Geological Explorations
  • Cu Mine VELIKI KRIVELJ, Serbia, 2005 – Long-term Program of Ore Mining and Processing
  • Cu Smelter and Refining from Brass Scrap, Iraq, 2004  - Main Design;  Construction;  Running; Capacity4000 t Cu/g
  • Pb-Zn  Deposit PODVIROVI, Serbia, 2003 – Geological Explorations
  • Fe-Ni Deposit ARANDJELOVAC, Serbia, 2002 – Pre-Feasibility Study for Deposit Opening
  • Cu and Precious Metals, Increase of Production, RTB, Serbia, 2001 – Feasibility Study