The visit of Minister Šarčević to the Institute

Date: 09.02.2018

The Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mr. Mladen Šarčević, visited yesterday our Institute and in discussion with management and staff, he was familiar with the work and equipment that we have.

In the last eight years, the Institute has invested about 8 and a half million euros in technology for mineral resources, design, research and development.  Asserting that, the Minister of Education Mladen Šarčević, after the visit, praised the work of our scientific institution:

“As I have heard, in the last eight years, this has been turned into a truly enviable scientific institution, where everyone, as I have seen, behaves a host. I am glad to see the young PhD students who are from this region, and improving in various university centers, doctorate and returning to work here. The conditions here are really very good. “

Mr. Aleksandar Milikić, the Mayor of the Bor Municipality, also visited the Institute together with the Minister, and on that occasion he said that the Institute in important in the forthcoming privatization of RTB Bor, because no company that would come as a strategic partner will be able to operate without our services.

Dr Mile Bugarin, director of the Institute, pointed out that they also talked with the Minister about implementation of a series of future projects. He also said that we are glad that we were able to show the Minister the new technologies we have introduced into our Institute, and that we have invested over 6 million euros of our own resources in the new equipment, apparatus and software.

It was still noted that one of the most important projects with foreign countries is the ongoing project that is implemented in cooperation with the Government of Japan, which is worth about 5.2 million dollars.

In memory of today’s visit to the Institute, the Minister Šarčević was awarded with a gold coin of 22 carat gold with the Institute’s logo.


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