Using the testing services in our accredited laboratories, the clients receive security in their work by monitoring the performances of their processes, quality assurance of their products, occupational safety and environmental protection.

The laboratory possesses the personnel potential, modern equipment, internationally recognized methods and is certified by the national and international organizations.

All analysts who participate in the activities of the Laboratory have many years of experience in scientific and professional work.

Services of the Laboratories include:

  • Sampling and preparation
  • Chemical testing (ore, concentrate, precious metals, alloys, water, air, soil, coal, waste)
  • Geomechanical testing of rock and soil
  • Physical-mechanical testing of metallic and non-metallic raw materials in the field of mineral processing
  • Rope testing, electrical and lightning testing


Laboratory for Chemical Testing

Accredited Laboratory according to ISO 17025 Standard with over 150 accredited methods…

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Laboratory for Geomechanics

The Laboratory for Geomechanics has been formed in 1999, and until nowadays thousands of samples have been tested on its devices both for clients from the country and abroad.

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Laboratory for Mineral Processing

Laboratory for MP has the qualified and trained personnel for laboratory testing, the quality and regularly externally calibrated equipment

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Laboratory for Electrical, Lightning and Rope Testing

Services in the field of testing the steel ropes by the magnetoflux method and services for testing the electrical installations and devices…

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