The Sector for Experimental Testing of Precious Metals consists of three organizational units:

  • Department for Pyro and Electro Metallurgy
  • Precious Metals Refining
  • Department for Platinum Metals Processing

The main activity of the Sector is research in obtaining the precious metals from the primary and secondary raw materials and their processing to the special alloys and products. Complex technologies are applied which consist of a number of technological phases and operations and represent a combination of pyro, electro and hydrometallurgical methods. A selection of technology is conditioned by the chemical composition of the initial raw materials.

Pyro and Electro Metallurgy

The main activity of Department is the processing of secondary raw materials with low content of precious metals (waste refractory material, electronic waste, catalysts for automotive industry, etc.)…

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Precious Metals Refining

The main activity of Department is the extraction and refining of precious metals to the commercial quality using the chemical methods…

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Platinum Nets and Laboratory Dishes Manufacturing

The Department deals with research and production of special products and alloys based on platinum and other precious metals…

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