Services of Department for Mechanical Engineering, Electricity, Construction and Architecture (Department MECA)

  • Development the project documentation in the field of mining in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (according to the Law on Mining and Geological Explorations) as well as in the territory of the neighboring countries Republic of Srpska, Republic of Montenegro, Federation of B&H (according to the domicile mining laws). Development the conceptual solutions, conceptual designs technical designs.
  • Development the project documentation for obtaining the conditions for construction of facilities, for obtaining a construction permit and project documentation for execution of works for facilities according to the Law on Planning and Construction of the Republic of Serbia, as for the facilities with the permit issued by the competent Ministry (possession of the “large” licenses PO10G1, PO40M3, PO40E4, PO42T1, PO41T1, PO73M2, P100M1, P100T1, 102M1, P102T1). Technical documentation is made by the licensed engineers (construction engineers 310, electrical engineers 350, hydro construction engineers 314, mechanical engineers 330, 332, 333).
  • Development the Main Fire Protection Designs (licensed person for development of this type of fire protection documentation).
  • Services in the field of testing the steel ropes by the magnetoflux method (accredited laboratory according to the rules of the Accreditation Body of Serbia – ABS). The method involves testing without destruction of steel ropes on hoisting facilities in the mines with underground exploitation of metal and non-metal mineral resources and coal, as well as on ropeways and ski lifts on ski resorts.
  • Services of testing the electrical installations and devices (accredited laboratory according to the rules of the Accreditation Body of Serbia – ABS). The valid scope of accreditation includes: testing the electrical insulation resistance, measuring the impedance of the loop fault, testing the operation of differential current of protection device, testing the ground resistance.