About us

The Institute is a scientific-research organization with prevailing activity including:
the applied and development research aimed at meeting the needs of direct beneficiaries, and the fundamental research as a basis for the applied and development research.

The Institute Nowdays

The Institute within  its activity performs the activities of development the scientific-research projects in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, and technology; special programs and projects of interdisciplinary character providing the technological development of scientific-research infrastructure of the interest of the Republic of Serbia, the region and local governments; research in the field of mining the deposits and processing the metallic and non-metallic minerals; research in the field of new materials, technologies, devices, equipment, environmental protection and recycling of materials.

In performing of its activity, the Institute also carries out the development of expertises and studies, pre-investment and investment studies and projects, investment programs, investment-technical documentation, elaborates and other investment documentation in the implementation of investment projects in the country and abroad in the field of geology, mining, metallurgy and technology of interest for the Republic, region and local government (innovation projects, business plans implemented by the small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.), as well as in the framework of activities in the field of environmental protection and ecology (recycling of waste and other materials).


The Institute performs the activities of laboratory testing, arbitration and verification for the needs of public services, companies, and other institutions and organizations, as well as the activities of special production, introduction the quality system, implementation the industrial informatics and information systems, scientific-informative and library-informative documentation.

The Institute carries out the activities in foreign trade turnover and services in foreign trade turnover from the scope of its activities, in accordance with the Law.

MMI is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the production and characterization of the mentioned fields for equipment and accredited laboratories and about 180 full-time employees are engaged for researchers.

The activities of the Institute take place within the eight organizational units: Management, Department for Legal – Personnel Affairs, Financial and Commercial Affairs, Quality System, Sector for Engineering and Designing, Sector for Laboratories, Sector for Experimental Testing of Precious Metals, Sector for Science, Sector of Incubator Centers and Workshops.


The basic vision of the Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor is a long-term view of the world of work, the world of technologies, the world of development, the world of man’s position in and out of the work process, the world of cultural creations, the world of equal and dignified participation in the world regions.
Determinations of the future society vision determine at the same time the behavior of participants in the processes of work in MMI from the civilization, cultural, technological and typical-individual point of view.
Research activity, based on technological forecasts 2000-2025, is the basis of development program of MMI.
MMI, as a part of the country’s scientific-research system, is the basic effort for the arrival of developed countries and equality in cooperation.
Since MMI, in the field of research activity, engineering, consulting, services in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, chemical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, informatics, management systems and related scientific disciplines in the field of non-ferrous metals and non-metals, develops the all strategic and operational development programs with the main objective of rapid and equal participation in the international community based on the available resources and created capacities.


The need for development the research and implementation projects, programs, services, consulting in the field of non-ferrous metals (primarily copper and associated metals) and non-metals is the main purpose of the existence and development of the Institute.
The basic strategy of action in terms of selection the work programs and determinations to maintain the competitive skills in time and given conditions of surrounding is the realization of high-quality products/services in accordance with the international standards, determining the strategy of development and continuous improvement the programs and procedures in the function of consumer demand.
Standard behaviors are the realistic determinations allowing and providing the quality decision-making for each operational period: a week, month, year, mid-term, long-term.
The driving powers represent a system of values – essential determinations, moral principles and rational processes that maintain the culture and give the meaning to the standards of behavior in terms of high quality of work, professional attitude, trust, optimism, perseverance, commitment, responsibility, ability to learn and predict.