The Department of Geology has been formed and registered for carrying out the design works, carrying out all kinds of applied and fundamental explorations in the field of geology, from the preliminary to explorations in the phase of exploitation and prospecting the deposits of metallic and non-metallic mineral raw materials. A commitment of the Department of Geology is a profitable business providing the exploration-design services, and joint engagement in consortia and joint stock companies for implementation the contracted projects on domestic and foreign markets, with a special attention to the professional relations with clients and business partners.

It can be said for the current geological explorations that they are a set of complex and complete applied methodological procedures, starting from surveying, geological, geochemical, geophysical, geotechnical, mineral-microscopic and petrographic testing, laboratory, technological, study and scientific research, computer data processing, ending with the exploration drilling and underground exploration works.

Services of Geology include:

  • 3D modeling the deposits of mineral resources
  • Assessment the deposits of mineral resources
  • Remote detection
  • Development the projects of geological explorations
  • Realization of geological explorations
  • Mapping and structural analysis of drill holes
  • Preparation the Elaborate on Reserves
  • Geochemical methods for exploration the deposits of mineral resources
  • Petrological testing
  • Mineral testing
  • Mining geology