Accredited Laboratory according to ISO 17025 Standard with over 150 accredited methods. Materials to be analyzed are of inorganic and organic origin, such as ore, concentrate, high purity materials, precious metals, alloys, water, air, soil, waste.

  • Daily processed samples over 400
  • Yearly processed samples over 150,000
  • Concentration range from 10-15 – 100%

The authorizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection for:

  • Measurement of emission No. 353-01-00924/2016-17; 20/05/2016
  • Measurement of imission No. 353-01-00093/2010-03; 03/02/2010
  • Waste categorization No. 19-00-00252/2014-16; 26/08/2015
  • Control of industrial and wastewater No. 325-01-520/2014-07; 19/08/2014

Services of the Laboratory for Chemical Testing are:

  • Sampling and Sample Preparation
  • Chemical Testing of Industrial Materials (Ore and Raw Materials) and Chemical Preparations
  • Physical-Chemical Testing of Waste
  • Physical-Chemical Testing of Water, Air and Soil
  • Physical-Chemical Testing of Solid Fuels