The main objective of each production company is that the technological process phases and activities are sustainable and optimized to achieve the best economic results with respect to the modern ecological criteria. Planning and solutions for such production processes require a detailed knowledge and experience of each individual phase in order to achieve the desired economic results. Within the multidisciplinary projects, a balanced approach is extremely important, so that the individual details do not lead the solutions to a wrong side or that too wide viewing of the problem causes the oversights that could lead to the unpleasant surprises. Experience, practical approach and equipment of MMI Bor give to the esteemed clients the opportunity to consider various and feasible options and solutions together with understanding the associated production risks.

If you are planning a new mine or investments, now you have the opportunity to hire a team of specialists from one company for fully integrated feasibility studies, technical documentation, consulting, economic evaluation and risk assessment. We have the project leaders who are specialized in coordinating and integrating of closer expert fields to ensure a complete understanding of technical issues in the appropriate business context.

Services of Engineering include:

  • Development of Feasibility Studies
  • Consulting
  • Independent assessment the state of mining facilities
  • Risk management in mining and technological processes
  • Management and planning of mining activities and technological processes
  • Development of complete projects and plants according to the “turn-key” principle
  • Field of work: coal, metallic and non-metallic mineral raw materials

Engineering Field


The Department of  Geology has been formed and registered for carrying out the design works, carrying out all kinds of applied and fundamental explorations in the field of geology …

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The Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor provides the following services in the field of mining: study research and design the technical-technological processes, development the project-technical documentation of all project levels in the exploitation of solid mineral resources…

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Mineral Processing

A team of experienced experts deals with all types of works in the field of processing the metallic, non-metallic, energy and technogenic mineral raw materials, as well as works in the field of waste management and recycling technologies…

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MECA (Mechanical Engineering, Electricity, Construction and Architecture)

Services of Department MECA: development the project documentation in the field of mining, development the project documentation for obtaining the conditions for construction of facilities, development the Main Fire Protection Designs, services in the field of testing the steel ropes by the magnetoflux method, services of testing the electrical installations and devices…

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The Department of Economics deals with development an economic part of investment studies (evaluation study, pre-feasibility study and feasibility study) according to the UNIDO methodology

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