The Institute performs the scientific-research and development work according to the established program and on the basis of concluded contracts on projects to realize the direct scientific-research tasks of the researchers of the Institute.

We develop and follow a large number of scientific and development disciplines, in order to contribute to development of a large number of economic and industrial sectors:

  • in the scientific-research work, starting from geology, mining, metallurgy, chemistry, chemical technology, ecology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, construction,
  • informatics, industrial informatics, information technologies; in designing, engineering and consulting;
  • in the quality and quantity control of goods and products;
  • in the material testing;
  • in development the new materials, products, technologies, etc.

The scientific-research work in the Institute is carried out by the researchers in accordance with the Law on Scientific-Research Activity.

The Project Managers directly manage the projects in accordance with the concluded contracts on project implementation and funding.

The Project Managers are responsible for the timely and quality realization the work tasks of research teams and individuals, project participants, as well as for the scientific and advanced training of the researchers.

The results of scientific-research work of the Institute, if they do not represent a scientific-business secret, are available to the public and published in the scientific and professional publications, as well as on the Institute website.

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