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The Department for Metallurgy and Technology has highly educated professional staff in the field of metallurgy and inorganic technologies. Professionalism in cooperation with many years of experience confirmed through a number of realized research-development and design projects in the country and abroad guarantees a certain success in providing the following services:

  • Laboratory and semi-industrial testing
  • Analysis and optimization the operation of plants in the field of extractive metallurgy and chemical technologies
  • Development the conceptual solutions, conceptual designs, technical designs,
  • Development the project documentation for obtaining the conditions for construction of facilities, for obtaining a construction permit and project documentation for execution of works for
  • facilities according to the Law on Planning and Construction of the Republic of Serbia. Technical documentation is made by the licensed engineers, metallurgy engineers – license 385, and technology engineers – license 371
  • Techno-economic analysis

With a particular focus on:
– Design, organization and mediation in the construction of complete industrial plants in the field of pyrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, processing of precious and non-ferrous metals and production of salts of precious and non-ferrous metals
– Providing the consulting services with operational assistance in the selection, running up and exploitation of technologies, plants and equipment and expertise
– Training of professional staff in the country and abroad

A professional attitude towards clients and business partners is reflected in the positive results of previous research-design work in the field of metallurgy and chemical technologies in the country and around the world.

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