The Center for Development of Information Systems is engaged in design, development and maintenance of information systems. In addition to the standard packages intended to monitor the business operations of companies and specialized in the Public Housing and Public Utility Companies, the Center for Development of Information Systems also designs and produces the business software by order, maintains the computer and network equipment and sells the licenses for ORACLE and Microsoft products.

Development and Maintenance of Information Systems

Business Information System RIS is a set of information subsystems and applications and provides the automated monitoring of the company business operations, and enables the control, analysis and management of all business and cash flows of the company…

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Calculation of Company Earnings

The LD application is designed to be suitable both for large and small enterprises, since it involves installation of the centralized database accessed by multiple users. This application enables the simultaneous operation of multiple users over a single base with real implementation the different levels of authorization.

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Industrial Informatics

The basic orientation of the Workshop for Industrial Informatics is a development of its own systems and adoption the efficient solutions by the renowned manufacturers…

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