Development and Maintenance of Information Systems

Business Information System RIS is a set of information subsystems and applications and provides the automated monitoring of the company business operations, and enables the control, analysis and management of all business and cash flows of the company. RIS automates the entire business process – from planning, through execution, to the monitoring and integrating of all material and financial flows of the company, and enables the management of company resources.

RIS IRM business information system, as the author’s work of the Institute’s programmers, was entered, recorded and deposited in the Intellectual Property Office on May 18, 2020 under number 7345.

The Business Information System RIS includes the following subsystems:

  • Coding system
  • Personnel records
  • Procurement
  • Sale
  • Financial operative – payment operations
  • Material accounting
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Tools and small inventory
  • Financial accounting
  • Plan and analysis
  • Production monitoring
  • Occupational safety and health


  • Mining and Metallurgy Institute BOR
  • Serbia Zijin Copper doo Bor – Group DOO
  • Serbia Zijin Copper doo Bor – Group Copper Smelter and Refineries BOR
  • Serbia Zijin Copper doo Bor – Group Copper Mines
  • Serbia Zijin Construction doo Bor
  • PC for housing services “Bor” Bor
  • PUC Toplana Bor
  • PUC “3 October” Bor
  • Single room accommodation DOO Bor
  • Centroistok AD Bor
  • JKP“Vodovod“ Bor

RIS JP/JKP – Calculation and payment of utility services – consolidated payment. RIS JP/JKP is a specialized information system for calculation and payment the utility services of the Public Housing and Public Utility Companies. RIS JP/JKP allows

  • Records of the housing fund and residential buildings
  • Records of the users and utility services provided to the user
  • Records of the water meters and consumption by them
  • Records of the substations, calorimeters and consumers, and redistribution of consumed heat energy by users and calculation of spent heat energy
    • Formation and payment the bills of consolidated utility services
    • Formation the warnings, proposals for execution, and agreement on reprogramming
  • Records of the purchase of apartments and revaluation of repayment installments

References :

  • PC for housing services “Bor” Bor
  • PUC Toplana Bor
  • PUC “3 October” Bor
  • Single room accommodation DOO Bor
  • JKP“Vodovod“ Bor

RISLAB – Information system for electronic generation of documents and reports of the MMI laboratories

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