The Department of Mineral Processing (MP) has been formed in 1956 as one of the founders of the Institute. It has a long tradition of successful cooperation with domestic and foreign clients. A team of experienced experts deals with all types of works in the field of processing the metallic, non-metallic, energy and technogenic mineral raw materials, as well as works in the field of waste management and recycling technologies.

A commitment of the Department for Mineral Processing is primarily the quality and expediency in providing the expert and consulting services in the subject field. Our advantage is that we have the competent staff and equipped laboratories, what enables us to achieve our main goal, and that is the satisfaction of users.

The Department of Mineral Processing (MP) provides the following services:

  • Fundamental and applied research in the field of mineral processing
  • Characterization the all types of mineral resources
  • Technological testing at the laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial level
  • Design the technologies in the field of mineral processing
  • Design the mineral processing plants with development of a complete investment-technical documentation
  • Revision of the project documentation
  • Running up the mineral processing plants
  • Analysis and optimization the operation of the existing plants
  • Waste management
  • Works in the field of recycling technologies
  • Development the environmental impact studies
  • Performing the technical inspection of the MP facilities