The main activity of Department is the extraction and refining of precious metals to the commercial quality using the chemical methods. The technologies were developed for obtaining the precious metals (Pt, Pd, Au, Ag) from the following raw materials:

  • Spent catalysts (PtRh10, PtPd5 Rh5) and other waste materials (filter masses, high grade powders, dusts and slimes) from the nitric acid production
  • Spent catalysts for the automotive industry
  • Refractory bricks from the glass fiber factory
  • Jeweler waste, dental alloys, electronic waste, nozzles from the production of viscose fibers and other gold-bearing waste materials

With the help to out rich experience and modern equipment (laboratory level and pilot plants), our final products are the high purity precious metals, 99.99% for Au and Ag, 99.95% for Pt and Pd, and 99.8% for Rh.

Gold and Copper Granulation

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