Our duty towards the client is to provide the necessary information to understand the potential responsibility for a healthy environment and to operate in a spirit of sustainable development and sustainable environment.

The many years of experience that the Institute possesses in this field, as well as the knowledge, technical capacity, internationally recognized methods and software packages, provide the client a possibility of preventive or corrective action aimed at the environmental protection. Our team of experienced experts can successfully lead the clients through these processes from the beginning of the project (phase of an idea) to the successful implementation (monitoring of operation).

Services in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety and fire protection are:

  • Measurement the “zero state” of the environment,
  • Development the Environmental Impact Assessment Studies,
  • Preparation the Environmental Management Plan,
  • Verification the projects, plans and programs for environmental protection,
  • Assessment the state of the environment,
  • Development the plans to reduce the negative impact on the environment,
  • Research, development and development of projects in the field of recycling, treatment of process, acid mine and other types of wastewater,
  • Development the plans for monitoring the polluted wastewater, analysis the impact of polluted water on surface and underground watercourses,
  • Research, development and development of projects in the field of “zero-waste” technologies,
  • Development the waste management plans,
  • Consulting services in the field of environmental protection,
  • Services of environmental awareness, education and training,
  • Consulting services, development of procedures and guidelines for implementation the ISO 14001 Standard,
  • Development the fire protection projects,
  • Development the occupational health and safety projects,
  • Development the projects for remediation the open pits, landfills, flotation tailing dumps, waste dumps, municipal landfills and ash landfills,
  • Review the technical documentation.