Considering that the scientific research activity is of special importance for the overall development of the Republic of Serbia, that is based on knowledge, and is the main factor and driving force of economic and social development, the commitment of the Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor is a further continuation and encouragement of this development, with the highest use of new knowledge and technologies, using the personnel, technological and natural advantages and mechanisms, in order to ensure a competitiveness in domestic, regional and international frameworks.

A commitment of the Mining and Metallurgy Institute to the scientific-research work, research and development arising from the current achieved degree of economic, social, scientific and technological development, as well as from the changes occurred in the past years in the Balkans and the Republic of Serbia, changed the economic and systematic conditions, and with the emphasized transition of economy to the market conditions of business.

The basic orientation of the Institute is to become a key development factor in the region with its scientific-research, research and development, primarily based on the use of domestic, available and newly acquired knowledge, as well as a faster transfer and distribution the world scientific achievements. Such scientific-research work is an important factor in the economic recovery of the economy, the growth of productivity and social product, and the long-term scientific, technical, technological and social revival, as well as the successful connection with the other scientific-research organizations, institutes and institutions in the country as well as in the world and surrounding countries.

Applied and Development Research

The Institute performs the activities of development the scientific-research projects in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, technology and ecology…

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Scientific-Research Projects

The Institute performs the scientific-research and development work according to the established program and on the basis of concluded contracts on projects to realize the direct scientific-research tasks of the researchers of the Institute…

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Technological Development and Development of Scientific-Research Infrastructure of Interest of the Republic of Serbia, Region and Local Government

Development the science and technology to stimulate the economic development, increase the social productivity and raise the standards of employees and quality of life…

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The Institute, within its publishing activity, publishes the monographs, scientific books and conference proceedings of international and national importance.

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The Library of the Institute has about 500 kinds of foreign and about 100 kinds of domestic journals.

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Translation of the scientific and professional literature and texts. Translation of the scientific and professional texts from English into Serbian and from Serbian into English from literature, newsletters, journals, instructions, …

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