Calculation of Company Earnings

The LD application is designed to be suitable both for large and small enterprises, since it involves installation of the centralized database accessed by multiple users. This application enables the simultaneous operation of multiple users over a single base with real implementation the different levels of authorization.

The programs are reliable, and the data are integrated and protected against irregular changes, unauthorized access and abuse.

By creating this application in the new tools, the users are provided with an efficient environment that enhances the business operations and facilitates the work through a simple use and navigation and fast access to data.

– Calculation the earnings of RTB and other enterprises employees implies:

  • Code system
  • Monitoring the legal and internal regulations and program adaptation
  • A large number of different forms of payment to the employees, accompanied by all for this necessary parameters
  • Data processing
  • Formation of all necessary reports according to the user requirements, or legal regulations
  • Works related to the needs of the RS Treasury
  • Connecting to the PIO RS (Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Republic of Serbia) database and direct data transfer
  • Connecting to the banking system and automatic sending the data of employees
  • Formation and automatic sending the data to the tax administration of the Republic of Serbia
  • Training of personnel to work on the system

For these activities, the Institute has the most modern technical and highly professional personnel support.

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