The Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor is a scientific-research organization with prevailing activity including:

  1. The applied and development research aimed at meeting the needs of direct beneficiaries, and
  2. The fundamental research as a basis for the applied and development research.

The Institute performs the activities of development the scientific-research projects in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, technology and ecology; special programs and projects of interdisciplinary character providing the technological development and development of the scientific-research infrastructure of the interest of the Republic of Serbia, the region and local government; research in the field of mining the deposits and processing the metallic and non-metallic minerals; research in the field of new materials, technologies, devices, equipment, environmental protection and recycling of materials.

The Institute, within its applied and development research, cooperates and participates in implementation the joint scientific-research programs and projects through education the joint research teams on the specific project tasks in the country and abroad.

The Institute cooperates in implementation the international programs and projects, projects with the economy, as well as in the joint use of scientific-research, laboratory and other infrastructure equipment.

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