The basic orientation of the Workshop for Industrial Informatics is a development of its own systems and adoption the efficient solutions by the renowned manufacturers. All this for the purpose of application the supervisory-control systems in the automation of technological processes and monitoring the real-time events.

Services of the Workshop for Industrial Informatics:

1. Engineering in computer science

  • Design the supervisory-control systems
  • Synthesis the systems for technological process control
  • Application of finished and development the own solutions
  • Connecting the process and classic information systems
  • Development and implementation the software solutions

2. Development and application the real-time operation systems

  • Devices for measuring (sampling) the process parameters
  • Devices for acquisition and logical data control
  • Subsystems for preparation and transmission the measuring data
  • Systems for processing, storage and presentation of results

3. Supervision and control of technological processes and events

  • Monitoring and supervisory-control systems
  • Thermovision inspection of facilities and equipment as well as preparation the thermovision reports
  • Processes with concentrated parameters
  • Distributed systems and networks
  • Connections  with other systems


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