• Waste, surface and groundwater – Authorization of the competent Ministry for the Industrial and Wastewater Control No. 325-01-520 / 2014-07; 19/08/2014. The techniques for analyzing are: pH meters, turbidimetry, photometry, ion chromatography.
  • Ambient air and waste gases – Approval from the competent Ministry for Measurement of Emission No. 353-01-00924/2016-17; 20/05/2016, and Measurement of Imission No.353-01-00093/2010-03; 03/02/2010. Continuous 24-hour measurement is possible.
    In analyzing the ambient air, the following is determined: H2S; NOX(NO + NO2); SO2; CO;VOC; smoke number; total powder matters; heavy metals from gaseous phase and powdered materials at ICPMS and ICPOES; HCl; HF; gas status parameters.
    In analyzing the waste gas, the following is determined: SO2; HF; NOX; heavy metals in suspended particles and precipitates Pb, Cd, Mn, As, Ni at ICPMS; soot.
  • Analysis of heavy metals and organic pollutants in soil by techniques:
    Dissolving of Samples in the Automatic Solubility System Volcano 84, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS), Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer (CSA), Optical Emission Spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES), Mass Spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-MS), Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and extraction.

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