The project RoRS 337- ROmania Serbia NETwork won the competition REGIOSTARS 2023

The cross-border cooperation project RoRS 337- “ROmania Serbia NETwork for assessing and disseminating the impact of copper mining activities on water quality in the cross-border area”, which the team from the Institute realized in cooperation with the Western University of Timisoara and the GEC Nera group, by the decision of the expert jury, won the competition REGIOSTARS 2023 in group A GREEN EUROPE.

REGIOSTARS is the yearly competition organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General Regional and Urban Policies since 2008. Over the years, it has become Europe’s label of excellence for EU-funded projects demonstrating regional development’s impact and inclusiveness. 2023 is the year of renewal and re-launch of the competition. Details about the RegioStars competition can be accessed here:

The team members from the Institute are:

  1. dr Zoran Stevanović
  2. dr Mile Bugarin
  3. Lidija Bućan
  4. Saša Stojanov
  5. Vladan Marinković
  6. Ljubiša Obradović
  7. dr Dragana Božić
  8. dr Radmila Marković
  9. dr Ljiljana Avramović
  10. Radojka Jonović
  11. dr Jelena Petrović
  12. dr Renata Kovačević
  13. Vojka Gardić

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