Technological Development

Projects in the period 2010-2015:

  1. 33021 – Research and Monitoring the Changes of Stress State in the Rock Massif “In-Situ” around the Underground Rooms with Model Development with Special Emphasis on the Tunnel of the Bor River and Pit Bor
  2. 33023 – Development of Technologies for Flotation Processing of Copper Ore and Precious Metals in Order to Achieve Better Technological Results
  3. 33037 – Development and Application of Distributed System of Monitoring and Control the Power Consumption of Large Consumers
  4. 33038 – Improvement the Technology of Copper Ore Mining and Processing with Monitoring of Living and Working Environment in RTB Bor Group
  5. 34004 – Development of Environmental and Energy Efficient Technologies for Production of Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals by Combination of Bioleaching the Solvent Extraction and Electrolytic Refining
  6. 34005 – Development of Advanced Materials and Technologies for Multifunctional Use on the Basis of Ecological Knowledge
  7. 34023 – Development of Technological Processes for Treatment the Non-Standard Copper Concentrates in Order to Optimize the Emission of Pollutants
  8. 34024 – Development of Technologies for Recycling the Precious, Rare and Associated Metals from Solid Waste of Serbia to the High-Quality Products
  9. 34029 – Development of Production Technology for Pd Catalyst-Catcher in Order to Reduce Losses of Platinum in High Temperature Catalysis Processes
  10. 34033 – Innovative Synergy of By-Products, Waste Minimization and Cleaner Production in Metallurgy
  11. 36014 – Geotechnical Aspects of Research and Development the Modern Technologies of Construction and Rehabilitation the Municipal Waste Landfills
  12. 37001 – The Impact of Mining Waste From RTB Bor on the Pollution of Watercourses with a Proposal of Measures and Methods to Reduce the Harmful Effect on the Environment

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