If you develop the Greenfield or upgrade the existing Projects, take advantage of the latest research techniques and innovative design technologies provided by MMI Bor. The Guarantee of Customer satisfaction is the experience of MMI Bor in the field of exploitation and processing of mineral resources for 60 years and professional staff consisting of 27 doctors of science, 36 masters of science, 54 engineers and a total of 210 employees


Greenfield Projects

  1. Exploration and modeling of mineral deposits with the preparation of Elaborate on Reserves
  2. Development of the Conceptual Solutions and Projects, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  3. Preparation of a complete investment and technical documentation according to the Law on Mining and Geological Explorations and the Law on Planning and Construction for the projects in the field of geology, mining, processing of mineral raw materials, landfills and tailing dumps, metallurgy and technology
  4. Obtaining of the work permits
  5. Supervision over the construction of facilities and commissioning


Optimization of the mine and plant operation

  1. Technical control and assessment of the studies, elaborates and projects
  2.  Software optimization and organization of technological procedures for exploitation and processing
  3. Expanding of the processing capacity and product range through development of the new development technologies
  4. Technological testing in the laboratories and pilot plants
  5. Quality and quantity control and other testing of technical systems, devices and equipment, issuance of certificates and arbitration expertise with presentation of the necessary material evidences


Laboratory analyzing and testing

  1. Sampling and complete preparation of samples for chemical analyses of metals, non-metals, coal, water, soil and air
  2. Complete chemical analysis of geological samples, intermediate products, products, metals, non-metals, precious metals, salt, coal, alloys, water, air, soil, industrial waste, etc. with over 200 accredited analytical and instrumental methods (ICP-AES, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC-MS, IC, XRFA, XRDA, AAS, OES, etc.)
  3. Analytical monitoring of complete production: ore mining – metallurgical product
  4. Mineralogical testing
  5. Complete geomechanical testing of soil, rock, in-situ testing and concrete quality testing
  6. Electroflux testing of all types of steel ropes without destruction and with destruction
  7. Microclimate control of the underground mining rooms
  8. Specialized tests for modeling and predicting the environment quality
  9. Environmental monitoring
  10. Wastewater treatment
  11. Waste categorization
  12. Equipment and device rental


Pilot Plants

  1. Flotation Plant MINPRO, Canada, Capacity 20 kg/h
  2. Flotation Plant DENVER, USA, Capacity 50 kg/h
  3. Waste Water Treatment Plant MESCO, Japan, Capacity 5 l/min
  4. Hydrometallurgical Plant, NITTOKOATSU, Japan, Capacity 2 l
  5. Bio- Hydrometallurgical Plant, MINTEK, South Africa, Capacity 20 l
  6. SX Palnt, MEAB, Sweden, Capacity 30 l/h
  7. Electrolytical Refining Plant, own production, MMI Bor, Capacity 1.5 kgCu/h




  1. Production of special alloys of copper and precious metals in small series
  2. Refining of precious and platinum metals in the laboratories and pilot plants
  3. Processing of precious metals and manufacturing of catalyst nets and other elements of precious metals


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