Available Equipment

The Institute has modern research equipment for its activities, which is distributed in the following laboratories for:

  • production and determination of mineral preparations - mineralogical, petrographic and other mineral materials (cutting machine for minerals and rocks, polishing machine, microscopes, etc.);
  • rock mechanics - highly automated complete equipment;
  • for mineral processing - method of flotation, magnetic separation, gravity separation (crushers, mills, flotation machines, magnetic separators, concentrators, sieves for dry and wet sieving, filters, dryers, etc.);
  • hydrometallurgy and chemical methods for concentration of mineral resources;
  • semi-industrial plant for concentration of mineral resources;
  • semi-industrial plant for gold concentration;
  • new materials and development the new product development (high temperature furnaces for melting, sintering, annealing, presses, rolling mills, mills, screens, machines for wire drawing, profiles, etc., device for measuring the critical temperature, device for thermogravimetric analyses, device for differential thermal analysis, etc.);
  • electrochemistry and electrometallurgy (universal device for electrochemical testing - galvanostat, potentiostat, coulometer, ammeter, electrometer, electrolytic cell, dozers, mixers, pumps, etc.);
  • physical-mechanical and metallographic testing (universal device for measuring the hardness of material, universal device for testing the mechanical properties and characteristics of materials, high-temperature microscope for metallographic testing, etc.);
  • chemical technology (reactors, evaporators, furnaces, dryers, galvanic table, ultrasonic degreasing, etc.);
  • semi-industrial plant for refining of platinum metals (reactors, evaporators, ion exchangers, tubular and chamber furnaces, homogenizers, dryers, etc.);
  • semi-industrial plant for processing the platinum metals (induction furnaces, rolling mills, machinery for drawing, annealing furnace, dryers, weaving loom, polishing machines, etc.);
  • semi-industrial plant for electrolytic copper refining;
  • semi-industrial plant for pyrometallurgy (electric arc furnace, homogenizers, electrical resistance and tubular kilns, molding machines, etc.);
  • semi-industrial plant for production of wire and profiles (complete system for melting, casting and wire drawing of own design, rolling mills, drawing bench, high-frequency furnace, etc.);
  • classical chemical analyses (gravimetry, volumetry, electrogravimetry gas volumetry, calorimetry, etc.);
  • electroanalysis (Ph-metry, potentiometry, polarography);
  • spectrochemical analysis (optical emission spectrometry, spectrophotometry, atomic emission analysis with plasma, atomic absorption analysis, mass analysis, optical emission analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis);
  • X-ray diffraction analysis - X-ray diffractometer;
  • flame analysis of platinum metals - cupellation;
  • direct determinations - sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, magnetite, mercury,
  • sampling and preparation of analytical samples (mills, various sampling devices, homogenizers, dryers, etc.);
  • protection the living and working environment with meteorological station;
  • improvement the physical and mechanical properties of material surfaces (vacuum ion-plasma device);
  • Workteams for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (complete measuring-control desks, oscilloscopes, generators, voltage stabilizers, ammeters, voltmeters, millivoltmeters, PCs, etc.);
  • Workteams for Mechanical Engineering (devices for stress measuring, magnetic defectoscope for testing by magnetic-flux method, universal lathe, milling machine, crowns, saws, drills, pneumatic and hydraulic presses, welding machines, etc.).

In addition, the Institute has the modern hardware and software tools, machines, instruments and equipment for construction, designing and data processing. The most significant is certainly the latest software for the field of mining and geology:

  1. MINEX 5.2, manufacturer GEMS - Software for modeling the stratified deposits and designing the open pit coal mines 
  2. GEMCOM 6.1. - Software for geological interpretation and modeling of amorphous (unstratified) deposits and designing the surface and underground mines (metals and nonmetals)
  3. WHITTLE 4x (version 2.1.) - Software for economic optimization the deposits of metallic mineral resources, economic analysis and long-term planning.